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hAP AC Lite No Load

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hAP AC Lite No Load
Is anyone having an issue with a new Mikrotik hAP AC Lite?  I received two new units recently.  The first one was a piece of cake.  The AREDN firmware loaded and configured nicely.  The second unit, not so pretty good.  I can get through the initial load with PXE.  When I bring it up again to configure and save, it comes back with the factory firmware.  Any thoughts?  I've tried all the tricks I know of.  Again the first one went fine.  Same procedure with the second and it will not retain the AREDN firmware.  I am using the current release of firmware, no nightly builds.  This thing is being as stubborn as a dead rock to be sure.
Thanks much,
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Firefox no worky - IE Worky

Hello Jim and Everyone !!

This will be my first post w/ the group.
My name is Robert - N3BZ in Phoenix AZ..

I just programed x3 of these exact  models (Mikrotik hAP AC Lite) you are dealing w/ and had exact same issues.
Loaded up ELF and went to upload BIN and it either said bad software or kinda panic and back to Mikrotik UI.

THEN, I tried  to complete upgrade different ways..
I found that using firefox would FAIL every time uploading BIN ... BUT, when using IE it worked every time.
This is using windows method of course.

try this .. and maybe provide some feedback .. if this works for you also we might want to add a note in the
flash procedure for all to see.

Robert - N3BZ
Arizona Mesh Organization

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In case this issue wasn't
In case this issue wasn't discovered from other posts...

All firmware versions available on the AREDN website do not yet have a critical fix from openwrt.   The openwrt community recently worked though an issue in the 802.11ac wireless driver that sends the device to out-of-memory condition and crashes.   This issue  only affects the hAP ac lite devices (and one of the GL devices -- any device with an 802.11ac chip). 

The basic issue is the upstream code to handle 802.11ac consumes many Mbytes of RAM to be able to handle the GByte+ throughput possible.   Embedded devices with limited RAM can run out -- some devices with 2 or 3 interfaces can run out even with 128MB RAM.   Desktop users aren't affected and want this behavior, so Openwrt had to make custom changes to dial back RAM allocation for embedded devices.

Long story short, this fix is in the pipeline.  The current work around is to very quickly do the upgrade before the wireless driver sucks up all the RAM, or telnet into the device and from the command line, do a "wifi down" (but only if you are accessing the device over a cat5).   Once it is live and configured, if you run into stability issues, then disable the 5GHz use in basic setup.    This fix will be in a nightly build soon.

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Thanks Joe

for the information .. was able to complete x4 of the 952's and x2 AR300M's w/o issues
Looking forward to nightly build w/ fix.

Robert N3BZ

Is this still an ongoing issue?

Hi all,

I'm trying to flash a 952 with the latest stable firmware and I'm running into a similar situation as above. I'm on windows and  connect the first time, upload the bin file and reboot.  Connect the second time, make my changes, and when it reboots it goes back to the factory default firmware and I'm on a network.  Any further suggestions and thanks in advance.


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