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hAP AC lite - Error msg on initial setup

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hAP AC lite - Error msg on initial setup
I picked up two new hAP AC Lite units that will not accept the rb.elf file.
Both return a messasge as follows using PXE:
2:59:12 PM DHCPc:discovering for another DHCPd on LAN
2:59:12 PM ROOT=C:\PXE\files\
2:59:12 PM HTTPd:80 started...
2:59:12 PM DHCPd started...
2:59:17 PM DHCPc:no other DHCPd discovered
2:59:35 PM DHCPd:unrecognised bootp packet, MAC:2C-C8-1B-05-0E-44, 0

I am following the procedure given and have observed the notes etc.
What ever am I doing wrong? I have not had this happen before.


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hAP AC Lite initial flash error
hAP AC Lite does not load rb.elf using PXE
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hAP AC Lite initial flash error
Hi, Jim:
 I am not a Windows user, but a recent post here about difficulty loading AREDN firmware via a Windows computer
achieved success when they disabled the 'malware' (anti-virus) and Windows-Firewall.

I hope this helps,

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hAP AC Lite Success
Thanks Chuck,

It was the Norton firewall.  Although I disabled the firewall while I was attempting to flash the new node,
when I tried it on another PC without Norton, it all worked flawlessly.  It had worked prior to this recent
attempt which was the reason for my confusion.  Likely I suppose, it was some update to either Windows 10
or the Norton program.

You have almost shamed me back into Linux. In my working days with AT&T, I used Unix daily.  If it were not
for a few Windows programs that are not ported to Linux, I probably would have gone back from Windows a long time ago.

Thanks much,


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