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hap with 3 dtd ports

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hap with 3 dtd ports
how do i (instructions) to make 3,4,5 DTD ports to use at tower to connect three dishes.  I do not have a managed switch with me to test today 

HS Hotline 6100000416

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I'll let the gurus comment on hacking the port types.  But you can use an unmanaged switch successfully to link nodes.

Orv W6BI
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hap with 3 dtd ports how do i
+1 with Orv's reply.

You don't even need the hAP unless you want LAN access at that site.
You can plug the 4 AREDN devices into the same simple switch.

After that...Yes, if you plug the hAP's port 5 into the simple switch, then via the hAP's
LAN, you will have access to the AREDN LAN.

You will not have access to the tower device's LAN ports.
This would require a VLAN switch.

3s, Chuck

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Here is a small 8 port USB
Here is a small 8 port USB powered dumb switch that I am using as a DtD switch at home.  Working perfectly.  I have a second one that I keep in my computer bag.


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