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Hamshack hotline and meshphone

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Hamshack hotline and meshphone

I've seen it mentioned several times that Hamshack hotline works "behind the mesh" quite well. How are you guys doing that? Are you using a HHUS trunk to your pbx and any phone you want or are you using their config file on one of the approved phones and adding a second line for meshphone? Can anyone point me to a write up on how to perform the trunk option?
I'm new to all this but I have freepbx running in a docker container on a pi attached to my node with a couple soft phones that work and a couple different Cisco phones I have converted to sip but have not configured for my pbx yet. 

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My Grandstream 1625 is

My Grandstream 1625 is accessible via the mesh, ham shack hotline and a sip pots line.

One line is sip configured to the pots provider

The other line is sip configured for ham shack hotline. 

The phone is attached to the mesh access point which provides a mesh ip

The access point has a wan address which comes from the Internet router. 

port 5060 is forwarded to the access point on the outside router.

that's how it works. 


Config file

Is there a way to share the config file that you have. I'm about to have a Grandstream with both. Mesh and HH

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Config fiile

I looked into sharing my config file with you.  I don't think that's going to help you.  Try exporting the confi file from your device and you'll see what I mean.  I was hoping to just be able to strip out my passwords and hand it over to you, but it's not that simple.  

Feel free to contact me via email: to discuss in detail.

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Various Methods are Used for HH on Mesh

One can use any of several methods to bring HamShack Hotline on to a mesh phone.

1. Get a multi-line phone and use one line for mesh and another for HamShack Hotline. This is probably the easiest way to do it.

2. Set up a pbx on the mesh and configure a phone on it. Then, as mentioned above, get an extension from HH and terminate it on the pbx. This will require some amount of port forwarding in your Internet router and/or your node to make things work. It will also require some programming in your pbx. This programming will involve defining what you have to dial from your phone to get the call to HH and what digits to send to them. Inbound, it will involve some programming to route the incoming call from HH to the desired  extension.

Note that HH will provision an IAX2 type of extension to you for use by a pbx. IAX2 is normally used for trunks but can be used for single extensions. However, the incoming call will have no authentication on it and will send no digits. If you want to ensure that it comes from HH and not someone else, you will need to check its incoming ip address when it arrives in the pbx and then route it accordingly.

3. For people on the wide area MeshPhone PBX network, some experimental trunkage directly between the two networks is being trialed right now. In general, outgoing calls to HH from MeshPhone can be dialled by 577-4xxx or 477-5xxx where 4-digit HH extensions beginning with 4 or 5 can be called directly. Incoming calls from HH to MeshPhone must call my extension on HH and then go through an auto-attendant to reach MeshPhone extensions. A cleaner solution is in the works.

Slightly off-topic but interesting if you want to call hams in Europe..  MeshPhone trunking arrangements with the PBX network in Europe on HamNet are also being trialed at this time. If anyone is interested, please contact me off-line.

73, Mark, N2MH

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Update on calling between HH and MeshPhone

A new trunking arrangement has been installed between HamShack HotLine and MeshPhone. This arrangement lets a user on one network directly call a user on the other network without going through any intermediate steps.

MeshPhone -> HH
1. Dial 78, wait for dial tone then dial the HH extension as follows:

  1. If the HH extension is 3-digits long, dial 590-0xxx from MeshPhone where xxx is the 3-digit HH extension number. For example, HH extension 456 is MeshPhone 590-0456
  2. If the HH extension is 4-digits long, dial 590-xxxx from MeshPhone where xxxx is the 4-digit HH extension number. For example, HH extension 4508 is MeshPhone 590-4508
  3. If the HH extension is 5-digits long, dial 59x-xxxx from MeshPhone where x-xxxx is the 5-digit HH extension number. For example, HH extension 50223 is MeshPhone 595-0223.

HH 10-digit extension numbers are not supported from MeshPhone at this time.

HH -> MeshPhone
Dial 88 plus the MeshPhone 7-digit number. For example, MeshPhone extension 973-2111 is HH 88-973-2111 (do not wait for a second dial tone)

73, Mark, N2MH
MeshPhone: 973-2111
HH: 88-973-2111

Thats pretty cool, Mark. As

Thats pretty cool, Mark. As you know I have a meshphone thanks to you. I have HH on the same phone (two phones actually, same extension). It really was as simple as put the HH phone downstream of the mesh in addition to the other meshphone configuration.

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Current as of May 2022

If you're not running one of their supported phones, you'll have to sign up for an HHUX or HHX server connection on Hamshack Hotline (also assuming you're not setting up a trunk). Both servers are going to be down for the next couple of weeks, so you'll have a wait before you get your number.

I can also confirm that when you first get your trunk set up, you'll see a LOT of sip requests from and Unless you know you'll need to allow those IP addresses, you can block them using iptables. Here are the two commands that I had to put in today:

/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

After that, my log went from 10,000+ lines of those endpoints being rejected to almost nothing.

Once I have my number from the HHUX site, I'll give you the steps for setting it up on a second line. I'm using a Grandstream 1405, so YMMV. 

A question for Mark (N2MH): Will having the trunk set up on my PBX break any future MeshPhone connections? I've already got the configurations set up including a dialplan (563-92xx for our numbers), but I haven't connected to the greater MeshPhone network yet. I want to make sure I'm not going to have issues when I do.

Have a great day. :)
Patrick. (W0PCD)

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