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Hampton Virginia
Greetings all,

I have setup a Rocket M2 using a sector antenna pointed 16 deg. North towards City Hall.  I am located in Hampton Virginia, (Buchanan Drive 23669) If anyone in the area wishes to try a link up please do. The node name is K4LCT-M2-N. It is currently connected to the internet and Tunnel server ready if interested tunneling in as well. Just email me and I will provide the necessary information.  73's
If anyone wishes to tunnel in
If anyone wishes to tunnel in, please email me with your Node name and I will send the passwd and network information.
I have made it back to the Hampton Roads area once again. Once I get my stuff from storage and get settled in to the new house...who knows when that will be... I would like to chat about ARDEN in the area someday.

I just recently moved up to the Newport News/Yorktown area, specifically Grafton. If there isn't an established group up here, I would be interested in starting one if there is some interest!
MESH setup

Did you get anything started? I'm also new to the area. I have a tunnel setup. I would enjoy talking about/seeing your setup.

Matthew KN9U

Hampton Newport News Grafton
What is the Ip of your node? I will look to see if it is being heard at all at City site..
On the Grafton area you may be the first in that section. I am at the NN end of victory blvd/Oyster point road  however 
not in range for you location.
Darrell Sutton
Hamshack Hotline Ext 4876

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