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HamChat Package Install Failure

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HamChat Package Install Failure

On a Bullet M2 with installed:
I tried to upload HamChat and got the following error:

Installing hamchat (0.2.0-1) to root...
//usr/lib/opkg/info/hamchat.postinst: line 4: default_postinst: not found
Collected errors:
 * pkg_run_script: package "hamchat" postinst script returned status 127.
 * opkg_configure: hamchat.postinst returned 127.
Configuring hamchat.

I did not see a prerequisite or otherwise for this package.
Please advise where I went wrong or if this is a bug.

UPDATE: The package did install and works. But the service link was not automatically created.

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I would recommend MeshChat
I would recommend MeshChat over HamChat.  It's much more capable.
It is best to report bugs
It is best to report bugs into bloodhound ( ) for developer action.
Opened ticket in Bloodhound
I opened a ticket - thanks

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