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GXV3275 will not talk to each other

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GXV3275 will not talk to each other

I have two Grandstream GXV3275s running, but cannot get them to call each other on an IP-IP basis. 
I have spent lots of hours over the past week reading and trying different configurations with no success so I have done the following to both phones.
  • factory reset
  • set "quick IP call mode" to YES
  • check that pre-configured account 6 is set to "registered" and shows green
  • set the callee phone to "IP call"
  • WIFI is "on" for both phones.   WIFI is the only way I can get any call activity, no response with WIFI off and LAN connections to AREDN nodes.
  • entering the IP address of the caller phone causes the callee phone to ring, but it will not answer
Iam hoping to have the phones functional for Field Day.  I can demo the 2 nodes, NanoStation M5 and NanoBridge M5 with MeshChat, but the video phones are another matter if you want to attract attention to mesh networking.

thanks, Hugh  KW5X
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you should connect your

you should connect your phones DIRECTLY to the node, or, to a network switch.  They should get a mesh IP address in the 10.x.x.x range.
from one phone, IP dial the other phone's 10.x.x.x address.

Note: you cannot directly connect a WIFI device (like your VOIP phone) to the mesh.  it must be connected with a wired connection.   (Unless you have an wifi access point plugged into your mesh LAN port and your VOIP phone is associated with the access point, but, that's a little more complicated.)


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Check Port Numbers


Something for you to check. The GXV3275 phone has multiple lines, buttons if you will. Each line will have a different incoming port associated with it. Thus, for example, Line 1 may have port 5061, Line 2 may have port 5062, etc. When you call a phone, make sure you use the port number for one of the lines on that phone as well as the ip address. Do not assume the port is default at 5060. Check your originating phone's documentation for syntax on how to enter a destination port number.

It's been a while since I've configured one of those phones, but I seem to recall there is also a setup parameter to allow/disallow incoming ip calls. Make sure it is set ON.

73, Mark


On most late model Grandstreams, sometimes it will work by entering the string below from the keypad, and sometimes there is only a menu option to dial by IP. But...

I've found the best way is to put the target IP on a quick dial slot. For it would be:

*4710*12*34*56 where *47 indicates dial by IP.

If it's a different port I believe it is:

*4710*12*34*56#5061 where #5061 is the port number. Double check docs or google for this one.

Also look under Settings / Call Features for:

Bypass Dial Plan Through Call History and Directories and set that to: YES

The above is valid on at least the GXP1625 and 2170. On my two GXP1625 which are not part of a PBX, I have Account 1 active, but it's configuration is blank. If it is not left active incoming IP to IP calls won't show up.

Also try the various methods in:

I have heard mixed results on whether IP to IP works via WiFi on the 3275. Let us know!


K5DLQ:   I followed your
K5DLQ:   I followed your directions.  Connected things:  phone to POE to node   and got a mesh IP address starting 10.   IP format call to the other phone causes a normal ring and it can be answered or hung up. Very cool, thank you.    I understand about not being able to connect a WIFI device to the mesh, wired connections only.   And I'm happy to have any clear conversation/video going,  so I don't want to think about access points just yet.  The computer does work through the PC port on the phone to manage the AREDN node. 

N2MH: I had the User Guide/Admin Guide printed, it fills a 1" three ring binder.  On pg 51 of the Admin Guide is  "local SIP port" which lists the ports recommended for the phone, 5060 - 5070.   sone times I think the phone defaults to 5060 for account 1, but account 6  is active.  I have reviewed the lines regarding  "quick IP call "  and "allow incoming SIP calls" and they are set properly.

KD6EPQ: As for connecting the 2 phones via WIFI, it was just a guess when I could not get the phones to connect.  The phones made noise, but never connected in any way.

Question:  where did the mesh IP address come from ?  DHCP on the node maybe ?

many thanks,  73,  Hugh
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the Mesh IP address are
the Mesh IP address are automatically generated on each node.  The node has a DHCP server that allocates the address to it's LAN devices.
I was thinking something
I was thinking something pretty close to that.  thanks,  Hugh
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the grandstream 1600 series

the grandstream 1600 series and the 3240/3275 video models should IP call right out of the box, no setup necessary.

On the 3275, you press the telephone icon on the bottom left of the screen, you should get the dialing screen and hear a dial tone.

Then press "Call" near the top left, then select "IP Call"

Last, type in the other phones IP address 10*123*456*789  then press "Audio Call" or "Video Call" on the right.

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