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GXP1450 log on issue

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GXP1450 log on issue
This isn't strictly AREDN related, but it does involve VOIP.

I have a Grandstream GXP1450, and it went through a firmware upgrade this morning.  When I tried to log on as admin through the web application, it rejects the admin password.  It also rejects the default admin password.  It still accepts the default user password, though.

I'm digging through the INTERNET on this, but I am asking here, in case someone has experienced a similar issue.

Thank you!

Jeff Stidham, AL1Q
Factory Reset
Can you do a factory reset with the phone buttons and display?

Solution found

Yes, the phone menu is still active.  Only the "admin" web application was unaccessible.  Thanks to KA7HAK, here's the fix:

On the phone:

imenu->config->upgrade->firmware server; backspace to delete the entry that's there, the press OK.  DO NOT REBOOT.


menu->config->upgrade->config server, backspace to delete the entry, and NOW reboot.

Once it boots up, connect the Ethernet cable. Then do a factory reset.  This resolved the issue. 

I saw that, after the factory reset, the firmware and config servers had values, but DIFFERENT ones.  Not sure what the issue was, but it is resolved.

And, it turns out that this problem was a bit more serious than I realized -- the phone wouldn't make calls.  Now they do.

Thanks for the response!

Happy Ending
Thanks for wrapping this thread up with the detailed solution. It'll be here in the message archives for those who come across the same problem in the future.

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