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GUI option proposal

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GUI option proposal

How about a GUI display option to only show the host name, instead of the FQDN, on the mesh status page.

Since all hosts are usually in the .local.mesh domain, that information is redundant and makes the displayed information more difficult to read.

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Moderation comment: Moved to Features forum.

I know I've heard a bit of it but it's never really been talked about. I suppose arguments could be made both ways on this.  We cettianku want the hyperlink to maintain the FQDN but the text doesn't necessarily need to keep the FQDN, however some uses may copy and paste and we are trying to move more towards using FQDN's because short names have issues on some PC's. Thinking ahead, if we do split the space up with more domains would we want all the names to be there fully written out ? Of course even than I imagine it would still be under the locls.mesh domain unless we extend our later.

Room for thought and comment.




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Trying to remember...  Weren

Trying to remember...  Weren't there some creative folks in our crowd that have defined node names with a different domain name?    If so, only showing short-names would not make visible the correct FQDN--which may or may not be desirable. 

I wouldn't say creative, non

I wouldn't say creative, non conformist, but not creative.  Yes this has happened.  It does beg the question "will we always be under local.mesh" than one could always assume they have to add local.mesh to the end.  One also couldn't just copy and paste than.   Could also be a hover over perhaps to show full name ETC.

Future proofing was part of why I wasn't worried when I tossed the full thing on and saw it. That user was somehwat lucky I had put the commits in when I had a month or so earlier and it might not of worked, but I can't deny it does start to fill the screen these days on some of these larger mesh networks with much longer names. 




Sorry to have not commented before. When this post was moved from the General discussion, I couldn't find it. I just looked at my profile/track and following the link I found it in the Features forum.  But, I still do not see how to navigate to the features forum through the forums GUI. Is a link missing?

I agree , the change requested should only affect the displayed text for the, not the actual link URL itself.  As to use of domains other cthan .local.mesh. Well, if people wanted to do that they would just not select the "truncate" box.  Or am I missing something?

It's under development (I

It's under development (I believe this group of threads is collapsed by default and you have to expand it out to see the sub forums since many are not especially interested in all the technical discussions that will occur at this level)

The issue becomes that if we start expanding the name space in the future and allow for example (and this is just an example nothin has been decided around this avenue of support yet )  "node.county.local.mesh" you can't just use "node" to get to it you actually have to (because how DNS works) use the full length. If your truncating on your node you would probably never notice the extended address name and think you could possibly get to it by "node" when you can't you have to use node.county.local.mesh in that case. It has a potential to create an increased support load and confusion in that scenario.





Well, then how about an option like... Truncate host names in in domain .local.mesh.  Hosts in sub-domains would not be truncated.

... and thanks

Conrad.  Thanks for the tip on the Development forums. I now have them added.

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