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GSWave on PCs and Macs

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GSWave on PCs and Macs

Grandstream makes much of the hardware that hams use on the mesh.
They also have a great software program called Wave. It allows iphones and android phones
to intercommunicate over the mesh.  
N2MH has a nice description on here.

It would be very nice if PCs and Macs could also join in these phone calls.
I was overjoyed to read recently that Wave is now available for Macs and PCs.
So I immediately went out to download the software and make it work.

Bummer.  I found out that Grandstream is not offering this, but rather several companies
that have android emulators that run on PCs and Macs, and which then allow the android version of Wave to run.
That sounds OK. But the problem is these companies are really in the business of selling
crapware, and it is hard to get thru the crapware to the actual emulator and wave.

I tried several of them and did not succeed.
So I am asking for help from our software gurus to:
1. Get an android emulator for Macs and PCs.
2. Make Wave run with it. 
3. Tell us all how to do it.
If you google search on “grandstream wave for PC”  you can find several of these companies.


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