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I've looked at the various Netgear config pages for how to setup a GS305E switch for deployment at one of my sites. Here is the configuration I'm shooting for:

One PBE400 connected to the Mesh
A 2nd  PBE400 used to allow others to connect in order to access the Mesh
Raspberry Pi (used for Allstar) that uses the Mesh to connect to my other Allstar nodes
Yaesu Fusion repeater to connect to the Mesh

I thought this might be the method to use:

But not sure. Any help would be appreciated


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GS308E, two PBE M400s, a RPi, and a repeater
That seems reasonable.
You will have a spare LAN port for a laptop or other.

vlan wiring diagram

Since you aren't connecting this switch to your home router for Internet access, you could probably get by with something like this (diagram).  If you wanted to keep things really simple you could connect everything together on a "dumb" Ethernet switch (without VLANs) -- just disable DHCP on one of the nodes so you only have a single DHCP service across all devices on this switch.

The config I'd really like is

The config I'd really like is Node B connected to Node A, LAN access to Node A but Node B has no access to LAN. I guess the thing to do is include Port 5 as part of PVID 11 and there is no need for PVID 22

No LAN for node 2

Maybe something like this (diagram 2)?  You will need the VLANs configured to isolate the LAN ports on Node 1 only.

EXACTLY what I want to do,

EXACTLY what I want to do, thanks

But that does raise a question. Anything connected to the mesh has access to anything that is on the mesh, correct? So am I actually gaining anything by the configuration you show? (I wanted to limit access to the Pi, etc from those connecting to Node 2 but maybe that really isn't possible?)

With the Pi connected to Node

With the Pi connected to Node 1's LAN network it will get a DHCP IP address from Node 1 and will be reachable across the mesh, either through Node 1's RF interface on the mesh or through the DTD link from mesh users linked to Node 2.  If you only want mesh users accessing the Pi through Node 1's RF interface, then you can disable the DTD link between the two nodes (VLAN2).  Not sure exactly what you're trying to accomplish with Node 2, but be sure it is on a different channel from Node 1 or else Node 2 users can access Node 1's devices even without DTD.

This location is connected to

This location is connected to the mesh via Node 1. Node 2 is to extend mesh coverage over a mountain to provide mesh access on the other side. But after thinking some more about how the mesh routes, seems maybe the best bet is just use the switch as a dumb one and let all ports talk to each other?

I was originally thinking I didn't want access to the Pi from the Node 2 side but that really doesn't seem to be practical, according to my understanding of how mesh routes. I just won't advertise it, etc etc etc.

(like I said, networking ain't my strongpoint frown)


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