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I feel bad asking this question but I once again need to configure a GS105Ev2 switch to provide Internet access on a port for mesh network.
It as been a few years and I have forgotten how this is done.
Hank - K1DOS
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Network Switch (VLAN) configurations
Hi, Hank

See if one of these saved configuration files will serve your needs.

3s, Chuck

Alternate from scratch
This is the resource I used to set up the two GS105Ev2's I placed in service:

Still Lost
The files on the AREDN site do not match my firmware version.  Nor does the firmware GUI match the second comment to follow along.  I have attached a pic of my current firmware.
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Hank, I too have run into

Hank, I too have run into that same problem.  What I had to do was pick a desired configuration such as "GS105E 1 LAN 3 Node 1 WAN" ( then go into the GUI on my switch and make all settings match the ones seen in the referenced link.  It can be a real pain but works.  One time I did this real quickly and once it seemed to take forever because of how the settings must be applied.  Make sure you double or triple check that everything matches before finishing.
- Mike

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