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Growing AREDN Mesh Network in Northern Virginia

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Growing AREDN Mesh Network in Northern Virginia

Just a heads up from NoVa-Mesh:
We have starting growing out our AREDN network from Reston and Chantilly all the way through Bull Run Mountain and to the existing western AREDN network in Front Royal/Winchester. We have about 8-9 nodes set up and are planning on adding more very soon. NoVa-Mesh strives to have monthly meetings in the Nova Labs Makerspace center in Reston.
We'll keep you posted on new nodes going up.
Damon Schaefer

Good to see you guys on the

Good to see you guys on the network!

There have been various technical issues on High Knob affecting the connectivity out this way but at the moment it is working and there are plans for improvements.

The East-to-West distance is something like 56 miles as we also have a node NW of Winchester on North Mountain.

73 - Mike ab4yy


Awesome news. I am just joining ARDENmesh..I got some hardware on its way so I can connect. The closest node is on 2.4 and is about 11.5 miles away. I will see what I can get.

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