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A Great Start in the East Valley

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A Great Start in the East Valley
Hello all,

We have made a great start learning and experimenting with mesh in the East Valley of the Phoenix area. Many nodes are up in the Mesa area and we have even linked up with some in Queen Creek and Scottsdale.

Thank you AREDN for all of your help and setting us up with a forum.

Alaska and Phoenix / Glendale
We've deployed a significant 3.4 GHz AREDN mesh in the Anchorage area.... I also own a home in Glendale. Would like to get involved to assist when in Glendale as well as remotely. Is there a group of some sort taking this on that I can get hooked up with? 73 Kent, KL5T
Most of the folks getting on the mesh locally seem to be from the Superstition Amateur Radio Club -
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N. Mesa Mesh System..
As soon as I can work the bugs and get the system installed on the north west side of Mesa, off Country Club, there will be a new node nearby.
2.3 Ghz, Raspberry Pi, 6.8 dB omni.
There are pins on my GPIO that I suspect, are defaulted 'off', as well as the wireless. These need to be changed.

I am performing drive tests, so you might see random connect attempts under my call. Please ignore them.
Superstition ARC is a super, active club, I am happy I finally became a member...wish I didn't wait so long!

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