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great 320W 24v frameless panel pricing!

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great 320W 24v frameless panel pricing!
Dale, W6WTT, clued me into these.   Local provider SolarBlvd in SoCal.   $84 for frameless 24v 320W panels.  I'll be picking 2 up on Monday...
If you don't mind the size, these are excellent pricing--they're big, 77"x39" @ 55lbs, probably why they are such low pricing.  If you have the roof space, this would be as low cost as you can get for solar power in the shack.  Add in ebay charge controller for $12 + free shipping item # 191857037184 .    Find deep cycle batteries,  power cable, Andersen connectors, mounting, and you're all set.

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Great buy
Hi Joe.

great buy. Even here in Holland where solarpanels are cheap this would be a good price ;-)

73, Ruud

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