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Grandstream GXP1625 Small to Medium Business HD IP Phone

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Grandstream GXP1625 Small to Medium Business HD IP Phone

The Amazon price (from Amazon itself) for the Grandstream GXP1625 just hit an all-time-low two days ago at under $34. The price is still in the $35 range from a couple of third-party sellers as well as from Amazon today:
  History here:

So, is this a good choice for an inexpensive desktop IP-based phone for use over an AREDN mesh network, especially one sometimes transiting VLAN switches (which seem to defeat some VOIP phones and ATAs)?

Are there any gotchas? Any lists of simple hints and tricks for setup/use (direct-IP-dialing and/or PBX) or even a cook-book approach to setup? Any advice one way or the other?

One thing I've discovered is that VOIP and other real-time streaming suffers over multi-hops thru networks where the latency times vary widely. HTTP etc continue to work well not being operator real-time sensitive but signal dropouts (or long latencys) can totally disrupt rig-control, video, VOIP, etc.

Thanks in advance for any info/opinions/etc,
- Don - AA7AU

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That is what I have and it
That is what I have and it works fine for me.

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