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Grandstream GXP1450 -- Mesh set up?

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Grandstream GXP1450 -- Mesh set up?

Good morning!

I have a couple of Grandstream 1450s, and am trying to get them set up for mesh net.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to best do that?  

Thank you!

73, Jeff AL1Q

UPDATE:  I believe I have them on the network -- I can access the web based set up application by entering their IP address; one is connected to a stand alone node.  However, I can't call between them, using direct IP.

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Jeff,   Do both phones have
Jeff,   Do both phones have 10.x.x.x IP addresses?   If not, path of least resistance is to go "direct" mode for the LAN devices (in this case IP phones) on both mesh nodes.   If you are doing "NAT" mode on the LAN, then more setup would be necessary to do port forwards.
Nope, not NAT
I'm running DHCP, and both IPs are 10.x.x.x.  I can ping both IP addresses, and (as I said), I can access the web-based set up screen for both phones.

There's an option for "Direct IP Call" on the phone menu.  I've tried that, using the IP address from the other phone, but all I get is a "No response" message, and the phone hangs up.  So I suspect that my problem is in the phone set up.

Seems to be in the phone
I found a better user guide than what came with the phones, and it offers good instructions.  This is what it says for direct IP dials:

"If the target IP address is and the port is 5062 (i.e.,, input the following: 192*168*1*60#5062. The * key represents the dot (.), the # key represents colon (:). Wait for about 4 seconds and the phone will initiate the call. "

I have to puzzle out the port number -- I think that's on the phone, so I have some more reading to do.


73, Jeff

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I have yet to find a modern

I have yet to find a modern Grandstream GXP series  IP phone that won't make/receive IP addressed calls out of the box; but I have no experience with the 1450.

When troubleshooting a VoIP problem... I tend to work from scratch.   First I would reset each phone back to an out-of-box condition. 

Next,  connect the phones directly to a node...  and attempt to  IP address dial; if the phones will dial and receive IP  addressed calls, then they are likely to be work through a SIP/PBX as well.  For this testing, they can be connected (via a simple switch) to the same node.

I know that many Grandstream phones come pre-configured with line 1 (5060) already active; but some  do not.  Of those that do not, these will only work one direction with IP calling, but not the other (I forget what part doesn't work.... the dialing of an IP addressed call, or the receiving of one).  All you need do to these types is to activate the first line/account (5060).

FYI, you shouldn't have to add the ":5060" to the dialing stream; if left off... it defaults (assumes) to line 1 "5060".  Only on phones with multiple lines activated would you need to enter the routing line sequence at the end of the IP address when calling them

The factory reset worked
I bought these used, so the set-up was the issue.  After a factory reset, the phones work with a direct IP call, in both directions.  

Thank you!

73, Jeff AL1Q

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