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gpsd support with ubiquiti gps ap

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gpsd support with ubiquiti gps ap

Does anyone know if the GPS on the Ubiquiti Rocket M5 GPS is supported by gpsd?

Can the AREDN node running on this device run gpsd and make it available as a
network service?

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Several years ago I had gpsd

Several years ago I had gpsd working on a Rocket M5. But I had to modify the source code to get it usable. I kicked off a build of gpsd a couple days ago with the default source on the current nightly build branch and it compiled. I ran out of time to install and test. Now out of town again and back home next weekend. No guarantees, but I wouldn't mind getting thus working on my rocket again. In my configuration, the GPS hardware was accessed via serial port which isn't the highly accurate way. More drivers needed to be installed at the time to have more time accuracy. This isn't something that would likely be released as part of AREDN, as it's desirable to not run services on the mesh node that can readily be hosted on a LAN device. We're all motivated to keep mesh nodes to be lean mean routing machines.

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