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GPS & Time

I have a Mikrotik Basebox 5 in my van with a Altelix omni antenna. Is there a way to feed a USB GPS puck signal into the unit to give it the correct time and position to the Basebox? I have used Xastir for APRS with a raspberry pi with the gps puck and it works really well. It updates the time on the pi and reports position to I also have a 12 volt industrial computer in the van but it doesn't run all the time due to continous 3 amp current demands and just plugging the USB GPS puck into the computer will update the the time on the computer.. I'm no wizard with Linux. Is there a way to get any of this to talk to the basebox?



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NTP server

In many cases, network communities have set up an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server someplace on their network.  Then any node that needs accurate time is pointed to that NTP server ( the config for that is at the bottom of the Setup screen).
Hope that helps.
Orv W6BI

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