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Go-Kit Power Setup

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Go-Kit Power Setup

Working on a Go-Kit, and was wondering what folks did for Battery, Low-Voltage Cut-off, Over charge protection, and charger?  I was think a solar charger for SLA batteries would do the trick, so would like to hear if other folks have used them, and if so, which ones worked out well.

-- JD
-- Parker, TX

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I use a 7AH 12V gel cell

I use a 7AH 12V gel cell battery, and simply don't worry about discharge protection. I normally just control operating time, and periodicaly check the voltage. As far as charging, I have a little DIY Pwrgate, which is essentially 2 low drop, high power diodes (in one package) and a high power, low value resistor. The resistor goes in parallel with the diode that goes to the battery to limit current for charging the battery while the other leg is plugged in to a standard 13.8v power supply. I modified a cheap 6+2 port POE switch to have 3 ports of 24v, 3 ports of 48v, and 2 unpowered ports available. I keep a GL.MT300N in there to connect to the internet, and two GL.AR150 AREDN nodes in there, with one configured as an access point. Power is delivered from a 12-24V, 12-48V, a 12v-5v supply, all switched with a pushbutton power switch. I'm going to be adding a QC USB3/USB-C charger to the outside that has a built in 11-14.6v meter. With this, I'll also keep an android phone configured for our local mesh's IP phone system, as well as an ip webcam app, to give a few options on how it gets used. All of this fits in a cheap, small plastic ammo can. 

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Does AR300M16 firmware work on GL-MT300N?

Hello Chrissy,

You mentioned the GL-MT300N, so I was wondering if you got the latest AREDN firmware designed for the AR300M16 working on it or if you're just using the stock firmware provided by GL.iNet?


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Sorry for the delayed

Sorry for the delayed response. The GL-MT300N is running it's stock firmware, though I have transplanted it in to my new self-contained portable pole-mounted node. I'll be putting a post up about that shortly.

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