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Go back to previous firmware version
I have a GL.iNet GL-AR750  I updated to but I am having tunnel issues.  Is it possible to go back to

I have the aredn- file.

I tried to upload it from the administration page but I just get an error that it is the wrong device.

Check out the documentation here
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Why not move forward?

I'm suspecting some new options introduced may be the issue. . Why not check the Advanced settings  Make sure that the WAN access option is enabled (this may be a new setting) or maybe even move forward to the latest Nightly?  If you need more help, contact me direct.  I have AR750 Creta working fine - walked through all of the upgrades for years with little issues.  Currently on N20230629

I did end up rolling back for
I did end up rolling back for now.  I am going to attempt an upgrade again in the coming weeks.  It is a Tunnel Server with other hams connecting into the mesh so I can't keep it down for an extended period of time without impacting them.  I did try the latest knightly build before rolling back and nothing was connecting.
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Confirmed, no tunnel on AR750
Initial test confirms AR750 with Nightly Build 20230629 using WiFi as Internet source will not connect as a tunnel client.  I will do some additional testing this evening when I'm not having to do it remotely.
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No Wi-Fi Tunnel on AR750
Same here when MESH 5GHz is enabled - no WI-Fi WAN Tunnel.  May be related to the issue where 5GHz Wi-Fi scans don't show standard Wi-Fi stations.  Could be OPENWRT issue?

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