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GL.Inet E750 (Mudi)

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GL.Inet E750 (Mudi)
I'm looking at purchasing GL.Inet E750 (mudi) for portable/mobile use, as it supports inserting a micro sim card for mobile data on T-Mobile.  My question is once the unit is flashed with Aredn firmware ( Aredn does support the GL-E750 (mudi) as per the "Supported Devices" list) does the E750 then work work with the Mobile Data giving the node access to the internet??

On the Aredn page list for "Supported Devices"  it lists the GL-E750 Status=Supported, Stability=Unknown.  What does Stability unknown mean?? It sort of indicates that the unit can be flashed , but nobody has tested the functionality or that anything works correctly??
Yes, it appears that the
Yes, it appears that the software is available and *should* work, but likely hasn't been verified to be working yet. Do you have any updates? Did you ever move forward with this project?

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