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GL.iNet Collie (GL-X300B) 4G LTE Wireless Gateway

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GL.iNet Collie (GL-X300B) 4G LTE Wireless Gateway
Greetings everyone,

Has anyone had any experience with the GL.iNet Collie (GL-X300B-GPS or GL-X300B-BLE)?  I just purchased one, and was curious if AREDN would run directly on it. I've got the GPS version, and plan on using it on the road with T-Mobile.

Sadly, their 4G/5G version (GL-X300 Spitz AX) isn't out yet. For my upcoming road trip this week, I'll use it as designed, and just plug one of my AREDN GL750's or hAP ac lites into it.

Cheers and 73,


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