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GL USB150 keep rebooting

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GL USB150 keep rebooting
So I got a new GL USB150
I've just finished to upgrade it to the nightly (aredn-1307-5244948-ar71xx-gl-usb150-sysupgrade.bin)
I was able somehow to set it up with my call sign and switch password after the upgrade but now
the unit just boot looping every minute or so which doesn't allow me to actually test it.

Any one else encountered such behavior?

I'm using Mac with a USB-C to USB-A adapter
This adapter is being used for other accessories with out issues so I don't think it's the adapter.
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I'm running 1307 on a usb150
I'm running 1307 on a usb150 on an older dell computer running ubuntu linux.  Not able to reproduce.   Could the mac be dropping the usb power?   To isolate, try plugging into a usb 5v power supply (cell charge battery, a 120v usb charger, etc.)   Does it stay powered on (and can connect to it from another mesh node over 2GHz)?  

I tried on my desktop PC as
I tried on my desktop PC as well yesterday
unfortunately I've the same behavior, it identified by the machine, I get 10.x IP and it reboots (it drop from the network cards completely and re-appear)

Since you've no issues I will opt for a defective unit.

Thanks for the info.

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