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GL-iNET as Access Point on the mesh

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GL-iNET as Access Point on the mesh
Hello everybody,
I tried to access wirelessly my Bullet M5 HP on AREDN mesh using a GL-MT300N-V2 configured as AP. The Bullet is integrated on my home router through a smart Switch 802.1Q and it works. I made a speed test on the internet and noted a very slow download and upload (1/3 of my normal speed). 
Is there something to do to improve the speed or is it a limit of the GL-iNET device?
Thanks for guidelines 
Ethernet port speeds on the Mango
Leo, I think that GL.iNet "Mango" AP is rated at 300mbps over wifi, but the Ethernet ports are only 10/100mbps.  If you are running it through a gigabit Ethernet switch then it will definitely feel slower than you're accustomed to.
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Hi AB7PA, got the point.
Hi AB7PA, got the point. Thanks.

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