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GL AR750 in Nightly Builds

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GL AR750 in Nightly Builds

The GL.iNet AR750 will be in the nightly built images from May 27, 2019.   Thanks to Don KE6BXT for providing the device.  This GL model boasts:

1) dual wireless - 2GHz (802.11n) and 5GHz (802.11ac) same as the hAP ac lite
2) 3 ports are configured:
    - WAN (untagged)
    - LAN (untagged)
    - DtDLink (vlan 2)
3) 128Mb of RAM
4) 16Mb of NOR flash
5) max 23dBm on 2GHz for mesh RF traffic
6) 5v mini-usb power port (thus no POE passthough options)
7) usb port (not configured in AREDN out-of-box)

This is another good travel mesh node.

Please keep an eye out for performance of the GL.iNet devices overall.   We are seeing in the forum and first hand some limitations:

1) wireless may not connect more the a few feet
2) SNR archive charts show noise floor at -85dBm

The cost of these devices is compelling, but these symptoms may be the trade off.  Jury is still out...


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For $7 more you can get the PoE version.

I have a couple of these AR750's laying around, some with PoE built in, some without. The PoE module is your standard 48V (802-3af) version, not the 24V version. But I still find it helpful in many situations.
You can order it directly from GL-iNet w/PoE built into it:
 - or- 
You can install your own (into the AR150 or the AR750) here from Amazon:

I hope to get the AR750 worked out as a valid AREDN platform because it has 3 LAN ports (which seems like the perfect amount for most of my implementations), it runs off 5V (or 48V PoE if installed), and its 2.4GHz test point connectors inside are easier change/solder to ufl connectors to install external RP-SMA connectors for external antennas than the hAP-ac-lite. Now, the hAP-ac-lite is higher quality and same price with 2 more LAN ports, but is also twice the size of the AR750 and won't run off 5V.
I still think the hAP-ac-lite is better for the money but the AR750 has some very valid uses that make it unique.

-Damon K9CQB


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Installing external 2.4GHz on the AR750 Creta

I opened up the GL-AR750 Creta to install external antennas. I removed the test point connectors on the 2.4GHz antenna traces and soldered .ufl (IPEX) connectors in their place. I also do this on most of my MikroTik hAP-ac-lite nodes as well - the AR750 happens to be easier, and unlike the MikroTik, the AR750 5GHz antenna already has a .ufl connector on it (although I didn't mess with it).  
So I drilled 1/4" holes in the case and crammed two .ufl to RP-SMA bulkhead cables into the holes and viola - I have external 2.4GHz antennas.
A quick suggestion, to remove the case you only need to remove 2 screws that are closest the the Ethernet connectors (front) of the device and use a spudger, guitar pick, or knife to pry the top of the lid off the enclosure.

By the way, if you buy the AR750 directly from GL-iNet you can opt to get the better POE adapter built-in.
Regular AR750 Creta with no POE on it ($45):

AR750 Creta w/48V (af) POE module installed ($52):

-Damon K9CQB


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AR750 Upgrade Error "Incorrect Firmware Format"

The mail delivered a pair of GL-iNET AR750 units this morning from Amazon.  I am seeing an error when I attempt to upgrade the firmware with the current AREDN Nightly Build.  The device reports "Incorrect Firmware Format".  Did I miss something?  These look like great little devices with some limitation on distance.  I am anxious to see what can be done with them.

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AR750 Additional

I should have mentioned I have a pair of AR750's, Slate version.  Look like I may have picked up something different than I should have.

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You need the regular AR750, not the AR750S version

I feel bad because I know this was going to happen. You accidentally (although easy to understand) bought the AR750S Slate, not the regular AR750 Creta.
The AR750S is gray and has 2 'fixed' external antennas, one of which combines the 5.8GHz ac antenna with one of the 2.4GHz mimo antennas - not an ideal design for external antennas. Besides being much more expensive at $70, the AR750S chipset isn't the best for AREDN either. 

The CORRECT AR750 is the regular AR750 Creta, which is white in color, only $44, and has all internal antennas (although easy to modify and slap external antennas on it - I will post a tutorial in the future). Here is the proper Amazon link:

For $9 you can also get a 48V POE module that pops inside the AR750 case with very easy soldering skills:

These AR750 Creta nodes make okay AREDN devices, but at the same price you can get a Mikrotik hAP-ac-lite with 2 extra LAN ports and more reliability.
I have three AR750 Creta AREDN devices because their advantage is that they run off of 5V MicroUSB port or my 48V af-POE power, and their test point connectors on the internal 2.4GHz antennas are much easier to replace with ufl connectors than the hAP-ac-lite, thereby making it easier to affix external RP-SMA antenna connectors. But if forced to choose between the hAP and the AR750, I'll take the hAP.

-Damon K9CQB

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AR750 Slate

Aye, I figured as much.  Luckily, I do have another purpose for these slate unit.  I agree, the MikroTik hAP AC lite is a better choice, although I was looking for the ultimate in compactness and as you mentioned, the 5V USB power can be very handy.  
Thanks for the response,


Lan ports

Ok I have a mobile setup in my car, and I think i know this answer to this. But with this device I will need it to connect to 2 computers and another node will this work for that with out using a switch?

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