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GL-AR750 "Creta" AREDN Feature Set

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GL-AR750 "Creta" AREDN Feature Set


I was wonder is there a way in the firmware to allow for the USB to support in build for the ​GL-AR750 "Creta".  I have one and installed AREDN build it works great but I would like to connect my cell phone an Internet connection and allow for the node to connect to my server node.  The cell phone be USB tethered to the GL-AR750 "Creta" sharing internet connection. Is this even possible?



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It is possible now to put the

It is possible now to put the cell phone in a hotspot mode, turn off the Mesh RF off, then turn on the WAN wifi client to connect to the hotspot.


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Is Jeremiah trying to tether his phone over USB?

If Jeremiah s trying to connect his phone via USB that brings all kinds of other challenges in software, including connecting LTE modems.
I would like to bring up a whole new issue soon of using LTE modems in USB ports and MiniPCIe slots of the GL and MikroTik devices.

-Damon K9CQB

I second that thought *Arise

I second that thought *Arise Chicken, Arise* ressurect thread

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While I've not looked at what

While I've not looked at what tweaks have been done and what all has been stripped out, these are already available in the upstream OpenWRT, so...

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Probably just some packages

Probably just some packages that need to be installed for the drivers needed.   Great opportunity for someone to do the research and figure that part out.   Then next step is to then add a UI option to 'check the box' to swap the WAN interface over to this new USB network interface. 

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USB On AR750 Creta

I believe I opened a "ticket" suggestion for this feature long ago on the old system and maybe the new GItHub system as well. This would be a great added feature and I'm all for it.  Would greatly increase the utility of these devices as more and more equipment is out there that can supply WAN Internet via the USB port, including some Cellular Dongles as well as Cellular HotSpots.

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