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GL-AR300M & Direct TV 18" disc antenna

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GL-AR300M & Direct TV 18" disc antenna
Last month I decided to combine a GL-AR300M and and old 18" round Direct TV dish antenna. The 300M is temporarily mounted on wood slid into the hollow arm below the dish where the LNB was mounted. Initial tests here at home proved that it does work. I'm still playing with the best focal point position for the AR300M. Yesterday I tested the system in my truck with all DC power using the laptop USB port to power the AR300M and a 12v adapter for the laptop. The dish is mounted on short aluminum 1.5" tubing with a plywood base to make it stable and adjustable for aiming. Now, when the weather cooperates, I plan to try and determine how it performs at a number of locations around the county, at street level, with about a dozen Microtik Mantboxes already in use. The entire county system has 35 active nodes on line.

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