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GL-150USB Precautions

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GL-150USB Precautions

Are there any precautions or procedures to follow when pulling a live device out of a computer? Is it ok to just yank the device out of a computer, or must the pc be powered down first? On Windows 10 I did not see any little indicator come up like you see when inserting a thumb drive.

Are there any other handling items to know about?

73, Mark

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Use the same process as you
Use the same process as you would to power down a Nanostation (for example).    ;-)
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Darryl, that made me laugh out loud.
Mark, I concur.
I just yank it out. Some people complain, but it's what I do.

-Damon K9CQB
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Yanking things out

I remember the last time that an ethernet cable got yanked out of one of my NanoStations ...

The Nano was mounted on the top section of a crank-up tower. The ethernet cable was securely taped to the bottom sections. When this node was installed, the tower was cranked down. The owner (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) decided to crank up the tower.

Unfortunately, he forgot that the node was mounted up there.

He starts cranking. All of a sudden, the ethernet cable comes out of the node and droops over. OOPS!

Well, to make a long story monotonous, the ethernet jack on the node was damaged. The cable was ok (a good crimp job). The locking tab was still in place. But, what was missing was the plastic inside the jack inside the node that the connector tab locks into. Thus, the plug will go in and make contact, but it won't stay in.

So, the Moral of the Story is
A) Beware of yanking out cables! Release the locking tab first
B) Always leave slack on crank-up tower cables
C) Don't loan your node to someone with a crank-up tower !


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Disable Adapter
It appears the only "graceful" way to unplug the GL-USB150 may be to go to network settings and disable the adapter, then remove it.  Otherwise power down before pulling the unit. The device does remain powered up after disabling the Ethernet USB Adapter network connection.

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