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GL-150 Tunnel Client/Server

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GL-150 Tunnel Client/Server

My GL-150 works great EXCEPT I am unable to install either the tunnel client or server. I get a message: Package Installation failed. Is this a limitation of this device?

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Package Installation failed.
I have two guesses:
1. the AR150 does not have a path to the internet
/cgi-bin/status does not show a 'default gateway' or
2. the AR150 does have a path to the internet and your firmware is not the current Nightly Build.
Nightly Build on the AR150 is < 914.

 I have vtun 3.0.3-2 installed on my GL AR150.

I also loaded to my gl150 once I connected to Network to download the package it was a Woops moment..
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Can't create Tunnel Client on GL-AR150
You need to be on either a Production or latest nightly (currently 1022) in order to pick up the tunnel installation module from the online libraries.  Upgrade your unit to Nightly 1022 and it should install just fine.

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