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GFI vs Mesh

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GFI vs Mesh
I am trying to set up a crude antenna test station, with 2 nodes on my yard intended to talk to each other.
At the moment, one is a Nanostation M2 and the other is a Mikrotik ldf-2. they are both powered from the usual
POE devices, thru extension cords, and to a single outlet in the house.  The problem is the outlets are GFI protected, and they
blow after a little while (not instantly when turned on).  This makes it impossible to get to the RF end of my testing.

Why should this setup blow the GFI breaker?


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I'm not sure this helps, but I've had Nanostation and Miktotik POE devices plugged into GFCI both outlets and breakers, as wall as AFCI breakers and not had a problem.
My first guess is the extension cord(s). Long cords are a probable cause for GFCI trips.
Try plugging the POE into the outlet without the extension cord and see what happens.
If that trips, try a different GFCI outlet out breaker.
R/Don, KM4DC

GFI vs Mesh
Thanks Don!  I tried various outlets with no success, including running the cord thru a window into my house.
Finally I plugged it in to my workbench in the garage and it worked!  Good to know that long cords can cause a GFI problem.
The latest GFI requirements cause a lot of problems here with other circuits in the kitchen and utility rooms.


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