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Getting disconnected when updating settings

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Getting disconnected when updating settings
I have flashed and updated a Basebox 5.  But when I try to make changes to things like the channel number, call sign, etc in the Setup menu, as soon as i hit "Save" I get a 404 like error where the browser says "This Site Can't Be Reached.  Connection Reset" - i am disconnected from the Basebox.  I am using DHCP with a laptop connected to the Basebox 5, nothing else is involved.  I can then go to local node.local.mesh (roughly correct syntax going from memory) but any attempt to save a change doesn't work and I get booted out.

Ideas?  Solutions?  Confusion?  Criticism?  Empathy?

I appreciate help from the group on this.  I am missing something simple I think as I did not have this problem before and it has started since I decided to do a reflash of the .elf and .bin files after playing with too many settings that I wanted to start from scratch again.

73 de Adrian VE7NZ
And the answer is...
I figured it out.  It fails if you use the local.mesh URL instead of the URL that is the name of the node (e.g. "NO CALL - xx" the first time)

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