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Getting a complete node list

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Getting a complete node list
I would like to periodically grab a list of all nodes on the mesh with IP Address and host name. Basically, the first two columns of the Topology Entries section from http://localnode.local.mesh:1978/nodes, sorted for unique entries.  The IP Addresses are available from http://localnode.local.mesh:2006/topo, but not the host names.  I know I can loop through this list and get the host names through several means. But, it would be nice to get this in one simple grab.

So, does anyone know a way to do this, or maybe has already got a script for it?

BTW, my application is to maintain a list of hosts and the last time they were seen.

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PERFECT.  Thanks.

Example code
As noted above, the link provided by Darryl delivers the requested information, and more... One problem I have identified is the host list returned from the node includes all hosts, other than those associated with services. This problem is one identified previously: If a host is assigned a static DHCP address, it will appear in the routing table -if it does not have a service associated with it, it cannot be differentiated from a node.  In our case, all real node names begin with a call-sign, other hostnames don't. So, I can key on that to cull out the non-node entries. However, hopefully once there is a way to mark a DHCP address reservation as "non-published" the problem should dissapear.

For anyone interested in this discussion, here is a snippet of Python code to grab the node names and addresses from the json output:

import urllib2
import json

nodeAddr = "wb6tae-1998"  # put the name or address oif your node here
url = 'http://' + nodeAddr + ':8080/cgi-bin/sysinfo.json?hosts=1'

response = urllib2.urlopen(url)
decoded_response ="UTF-8")

jsonResponse = json.loads(decoded_response)
jsonData = jsonResponse["hosts"]

for item in jsonData:
    hostname = item.get("name", "Null")
    ipaddr = item.get("ip", "Null")
    print("%-28s %-16s" % (hostname, ipaddr))

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you could use:
you could use:

that will resolve to the node that you are connected directly to.
Yes... that would be the best
Yes... that would be the best. Unfortunately I have a small DNS issue here on a new computer and for some reason that has been unreliable. But, the host name I used in the code is the localnode anyway.  
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You may want to make sure
You may want to make sure that you use <NODE>.local.mesh as well.
Now don't be too picky...

Now don't be too picky... this was just a snippet for demo sake. The main point is how to get the json data and extract the needed elements.
But, yes that would be a good idea. In my case, I have .local.mesh in my dns search string so I don't have to worry about including a full domain name.

Get all LAN IPs

The script above using the json info all looks good except I want the node router LAN ip.  Is there a way to get that?  
I don't need the device WIFI address.

In the end I'll do a sort: sort -t . -k 2,3n -k 4,4n
The idea is to show all the hosts and node devices grouped together by LAN addresses.

- Mike

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