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Futures of AREDN

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Futures of AREDN

(discussion broken out from SSID topic thread).

KA9Q,   The weaknesses of the technology we are working with are fairly well known--20 min of google investigation will run into numerous papers, etc. if one has the skillset to recognize the key take-aways to pull out.   The significant questions and here is one for example...  OK, so OLSR and mesh technology/implementations have shortcomings.   So what are you proposing?  There are many that raise up the problems, but not many that are raising up solutions.   There are many that have ideas of what others should do, but few that role up the sleeve with ability and actually do.   So what solutions are you proposing and what do you want to do?  Come join the fun.

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Hi Joe, I'll say right up

Hi Joe, I'll say right up front that I don't know the answers. As I said, a lot of very smart people have been working on these problems for a long time.

But I do know how to find out. Experimentation. Lots and lots of it. Invite as many people as possible to try all sorts of stuff and see if it works.


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