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Frequency For french network deployment

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Frequency For french network deployment

Hi all,
My name is Jeremy from France, Member of F6KHK club In south of France.
I'm testing the AREDN firmware on Ubiquiti and Mikrotik devices with very positive feedback.

I'm trying to verify a possible compatibilities with the present network based on HSMM-pi + olsr with Atheros device. Today this network is based on the frequency  2392 MHz and I cannot reach this value on the Aredn firmware.

Do you think if lower values could be unlocked?
Any experience for possible compatibility with Hsmm-pi and Aredn firmware? 

Many thank for your help

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Yes, it is possible for the

Yes, it is possible for the firmware and chipset to go to channel -3.    However, not sure if devices will have further hardware filters that chop off or attenuate the power.   2392 is within the allocation for amateur radio in France?    I recall in Germany too?

what device are you using?   Please contact me separately at ae6xe at ARRL dot net.


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