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FreeTAK, ATAK and WinTAK are now available. Roger H (KK6LZB) and I are working on deploying it here in Orange county, CA.

It's pretty full-featured, and has a military/DoD pedigree. Read up on it if you're interested, and lets compare notes to bring this potentially valuable EOC software platform to the mesh.

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We've been using ATAK in DoD for many years. It's amazing.

ATAK has been used as a platform for about a bajillion smartphone-based applications for DoD and especially Special Operations Forces. You can host soooo many things with it that it's almost like opening up Pandora's box of utilities. I think a chat app, an email app, a Push-to-talk app, a SIP app, a group navigation/geo-location app, and a camera viewing app would be some of the utilities I would host on it for hams.
It's a great tool if your group that is using it has a coordinator to determine what will be hosted and how.

-Damon K9CQB

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