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Forum Login Issue?

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Forum Login Issue?
Hello folks who manage this website ... on our Willamette Valley io group there are multiple people who are reporting a login issue.  I'll just cut and paste.  Clearly I'm not having a problem but others are so here goes.

73,  Ed tells me my call sign and my email are both registered (mainly for forum access). The password I stored in my password manager doesn't work. I've tried to reset my password with the forgot password link but I never receive anything from them to reset the password. I have checked my spam folder - empty.
Has anyone else had this issue? Is there someone I can contact to sort it out?
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Forum login help
From time to time some folks have not received the password reset message from our mail server. There are many possible reasons for this, but it happens relatively infrequently.

If you are having issues with logging in, please contact Randy WU2S directly. [ randy at wu2s dot com ] 

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