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Forum emails


I just posted up a reply to one of threads here. I have to say it was a miserable experience.

That web interface we are stuck with is broken beyond all reason.

Two major issues.

1. If I do choose to use the forum itself it keeps adding extraneous empty lines, especially if I craft the note in a text editor and cut and past the contents.

2. The other is that I really wish we could reply to a post directly from our favorite email.

Since I spend a great deal of my time in front of a computer, fixing these usability issues would be great!  At least for me.

What say you all?



Chuck Killian

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Forum web interface

While I am sorry that you had a miserable experience, the web interface is not "broken beyond all reason." The forum posting editor has been in use for 18 months on this site with no complaints. It uses a module that is used by over 415,000 other web sites.
It is difficult to see how adding additional lines could be anything more than a minor inconvenience. Perhaps if you used a different text editor, or changed your editor's end of line handling, you might have results more to your liking.
Regarding your request for a new feature for posting to the forum via email, it will be considered if there is sufficient justification.
Randy WU2S

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I too sometimes prepare a

I too sometimes prepare a post - typing in another program first (Word or whatever).. and have witnessed the "extra blank lines" issue when copy & pasting;  Seems like  all forums I frequent do this though.  I always blamed it on the program I was writing my response in... knowing that it probably wasn't a  fault of the  forum program itself.

FYI; NotePad doesn't seem to add any formatting.

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When creating a post, there's

When creating a post, there's a link just below, "Switch to plain text editor".

There's also a link, "More information about text".

For a website, good or bad, we're dealing with html and related issues to translate data being pasted in from other (non-html) text editors.  

Try switching to plain text mode, pasting in your text, and then optionally switching back to "rich text" mode.   But keep in mind that switching to rich text mode will add in html formatting that is necessary for a web page to be viewed.   The "more information" spells out a lot of this.


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