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Fort Worth Tunnel client

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Fort Worth Tunnel client

I have just set up a Mikrotik hAP ac lite with aredn software and it is showing on the map. I live in northside Fort Worth and I'm pretty certain I won't be able to hit another noted from my location/elevation with trees in the way and my lease. If possible, I would like to be able to access your network as a tunnel client until I can figure out a point to point situation.
Any and all help is appreciated.

Fort Worth Tunnel client

Hi, Adam.

We applaud your efforts to propagate AREDN in the northside Fort Worth area!

Our Richardson/Dallas area AREDN infrastructure is currently in a state of design/development flux, so, unfortunately, we can’t provide for you as a tunnel client at this time.

Keep pushing in your area, even for ad hoc ‘island’ mesh activity.

Thank you and 73,

Paul -- KA5TYW

Cowtown ARC Mesh nodes

Just north of downtown Fort Worth, about 45' up on our club tower we have 3 120deg nodes setup (2.4Ghz). The location is near N University Dr and White Settlement Road. We have not expanded beyond that location, but I would be curious if you had a good enough location to reach it.


I did try to reach you guys,

I did try to reach you guys, I'm two miles due north of the clubs tower but there's too much stuff in the fresnel zone and I don't have enough elevation. I wish we could get an AP on one of the skyscrapers downtown. 

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