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Hey All, 

Rob from Minnesota here, and I've had an interesting journey to get me here.

I have been a Jack of All Trades IT guy for most of my adult life. Previously held CCNA, and done some low level network admin stuff. 

I've also been doing search and rescue/disaster relief for over 10 years, including Comms officer for Civil Air Patrol.  

I got my Ham ticket a couple of years ago, and haven't done much with it, but recently I started thinking about mesh networking for use in emergencies. I have been working on some SAR/DR related raspberry pi and Arduino projects for some time, and specifically wanted to find an easy to deploy network for IP phones, ICS forms, Chat/messages, etc in a mission base scenario. While I was brainstorming, I found out my idea had already been accomplished (no shock, you guys are an innovative bunch) when I stumbled across BBHN, I ordered a few WRT54GLs for cheap on ebay to play with.
I then started thinking about how to use better equipment to incorporate to extend the range and link quality.
While brainstorming, I stumbled across AREDN.

So, first Thanks everyone for bursting my bubble.
Second, thanks for doing a way better job than I ever could. 

I look forward to hearing about all my other ideas you guys have preemptively stolen from me. :-)
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KE0EYT, welcome to the party.
KE0EYT, welcome to the party.  The first hit is free.   Soon you will be searching ebay and amazon for the latest 3Ghz deal and filling your towers, roof, and garage.    It starts out slow with a Nanostation, soon you will work up to Rockets and rocketdishes with a side of video voip phones.   Next you'll be thinking of a CAP mobile nanostation strapped to the bottom of a C182T or C210T with incident coverage at 3000' AGL and wondering what ADs are involved...  We're happy to feed the habit, post anytime! :) 


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