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Flashing a Ubiquiti G3 Flex

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Flashing a Ubiquiti G3 Flex

Hi Folks
I am considering purchasing an Ubiquiti G3 Flex camera for the outside of my house: security & weather related. It will be 3m away from the main AREDN router on my property.
Is it safe to assume that I will need to flash the camera with AREDN firmware? Is it the standard Ubiquiti firmware? Or, as it is using the Cat7 cable, does the firmware stay "as is" on arrival?
My router is a Mikrotik ac Lite.
Best 73 de John G0GCQ

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you cannot load AREDN onto
you cannot load AREDN onto this camera.   Just stay with the existing firmware in the camera and connect it via cat5 to your hap ac lite (as a lan device)
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Thank you
Grateful for your comment. I wondered if that might be the case. Good to know!
Just plug it in, edit the node to advertise the service, and job done smiley
I hope to get that working in the next week.
Thank you.
Best 73, 

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