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FLARC mesh nodes upgraded

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FLARC mesh nodes upgraded

Paul W2IP and I completed the upgrade of the Fair Lawn ARC mesh nodes this afternoon. We had perfect conditions for the work which we finished in about 3 hours. Under Paul's guidance everything was safely and neatly done, all cables dressed properly, and all equipment secured. I learned a lot from the experience - Thanks Paul!

The 2.4 GHZ node [W2NPT-R2] is on channel -2 with a 5 MHz bandwidth. This is a Rocket feeding and MIMO Omnidirectional vertical antenna. It is at he top of the stack.
Next down is the 5.4 GHz Nanostation [W2NPT-NSM5] on channel 149 with a 5 MHz bandwidth. It is aimed South 180 degrees true.
Lastly, the 900 MHz Rocket [W2NPT-R9] with a MIMO Yagi is aimed Southeast approximately 135 degrees true. It is on 917 Mhz with a 5 MHz bandwith.

While installing the new equipment, we got a very clear view of the tower on Garrett Mountain. I think that we might be able to connect Fair Lawn with Garrett using a 2.4 GHz Rocket Dish that I have.  We'll have to schedule the experiment.


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Nice work Randy and Paul!

Nice work Randy and Paul!

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