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First prod nodes

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First prod nodes


Just thought I'd share that my first two production nodes are up and running! Both are 5GHz nanobridge 5G25 units. The link is 15km apart. One node is on a grain elevator at 150 ft. The second node is at 190 ft on top of a major building in our area. 

The elevator node is fed with a netgear switch, hooked to an Internet feed from our local WISP (free!). This site also has a homebrew pi D-STAR repeater and an analog ham repeater sponsored by our fire dept and ema.

The building node has another pi D-STAR repeater and the area's highest digipeater. The AREDN node is feeding the repeater and may soon support an IGATE at the digipeater. The real cool thing about the G4KLX D-STAR software is it can work behind NAT without any problems, except that you can't connect to the repeater inbound. This isn't a problem for us as we keep the repeaters linked to REF051D all of the time, creating a large regional area digital repeater voice network. We had been using the "house" open wifi, but performance was awful and latency wasn't stable. D-STAR doesn't need much bandwidth, but it doesn't like packet loss or variable latency.

SNR is at 36db! With the bandwidth at 5MHz we've got a rock solid link. We're using the latest beta software for now...soon to be upgraded to the released version. The new ham only channels at 5GHz are awesome. Great job dev team!

I also picked up a M5 Rocket off of of the old versions...and am playing with an omni. At 1.5 miles away from the elevator, ground mounted on a 10' pole, 90 degrees off the direction of the dish, I've got an SNR of 15. This is good for management of the mesh from my house, although another nanobridge may be in my future. I'm going to share this design info with the ema lead and talk to them about expanding the mesh with cameras for weather spotting, or to provide data at rally and shelter points. 


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Which channel are you using?

Which channel are you using?    We've seen 10Mhz BW a sweet spot in our RF noisey area, but still in unlicensed 149 ch.  Would be interested in any throughput rate tests and various bandwidths.     Assuming your area is relatively RF quiet on the ch, I'd suspect a significant improvement in throughput with more bandwidth.

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Quite a bit of competition

Channel 184 at 5920MHz. Both sites have considerable 5GHz traffic. The grain elevator site has three WISPs on it and the corporate building has the in-house wifi at 5GHz, and 5 point-to-point 5GHz link antennas all within 100 feet of my dish. Moving to 10MHz (and channel 183) or 20MHz (and channel 182) resulted in lots of retries presumably because of interference. The wifiscan at both 10 and 20 showed signals all over the place. 

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