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First node up in Pagosa Springs

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First node up in Pagosa Springs

I've been playing with AREDN for some time now and finally put one on the roof this afternoon.  Here are its details:

Name: KC0OOO-501
Channel: 184
Radio: NanoStation M5
Bearing: 75 degrees
Height: 18 ft AGL
Tunnel Server is installed.(let me know if you want to tunnel in).
Location:  It overlooks downtown Pagosa from the West at about a mile from downtown and about 200 ft higher in elevation.

This is currently the only node I have up, I do have some other Ubiquity radios I acquired surplus if anyone else in the area wants to setup a node, or has a good hilltop to the West (Putt hill area). I'd like to get over the hill to the West-side core area and the EOC.

NSM5   (6)
NSLM5  (2)
PowerBeam  M5/ NanoBeam M5  (6)
PicoStation M2 (2)
Rocket M2 (1)

I have plans to co-locate one of the M2's with the above M5 as well to cover downtown on 2.4 GHz..

You can reach me through this site or on the Oak brush repeater via the San Juan Connection. (146.610 -123.5)

73's KC0OOO Frank

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Tunnel In


I am with CARBBN and would like to tunnel in.  Please go to and contact me through the contact us page and I will get the information of my node.  Looking forward to connecting with you soon.


Jeremiah - N0KMO

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