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First Attempt - Can't Mesh

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First Attempt - Can't Mesh
Hello all,

Trying to mock-up our first mesh system here.  Using  Bullet M2s. We've got 2 of them in one room, each connected to a computer.  The firmware flashed just fine, on each M2, and when we do a WIFI scan with the AREDN Node Status screen, we SEE the other station (from each computer).  However, when we check the "Mesh Status", we can NOT see the other stations .... if doesn't appear that they are "meshing".

At a loss at this point.  We believe we've followed the instructions explicitly but can't seem to get it to work.  

Any chance I could get anyone to give a call to help us get this off the ground?  My phone number is below.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Kent, KL5T
District Emergency Coordinator, Anchorage, Alaska
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Do the SSID's match?  If you
Do the SSID's match?  If you are still up, I can call shortly.
That should do it.
Thanks Tom.  That info was very helpful.  I'll make the changes tomorrow and see what happens.  I'm sure it will work now and we'll be this puppy rollin'!


Kent, KL5T
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Likely issues....
There's only a few things that could be wrong, and check them in this order:

1. Nodename is set (pretty much has to be, meaning you've gone through the first setup and reboot).
2. Channel has to be the same.
3. Bandwidth has to be the same.
4. SSID is the same.
5. Power is high enough.
6. Distance is set high enough (higher is better than too low for starting out).

Post your results and we'll get you going. Welcome aboard!


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