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Findiding Source of Packages

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Findiding Source of Packages
In the past, I have been successful in downloading packages via the AREDN mesh network as there has been an internet connection available on the network which I assume can reach the AREDN package server.  In the ADMIN page, I've been able to click the REFRESH button next to DOWNLOAD PACKAGE and all the packages would download successfully.  Then I would choose SNMPD from the DOWNLOAD PACKAGE list then click the DOWNLOAD button.  I would confirm that the package was now listed in the REMOVE PACKAGE list and all is good.

Lately, I'm getting a FAILED TO DOWNLOAD error for most the packages.  I need to install the SNMPD package.

We have not set up a Package server yet.  Is there a way to download the packages from the AREDN website to a folder then install them manually to the node from that folder? 

I can find the SNMPD package on the AREDN website, do I need to install more than just the SNMPD package to make it work?   Just need help on the steps to install the SNMPD package manually.

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Actually, I'm at first when I
Actually, I'm at first when I click REFRESH, am getting a FAILED TO DOWNLOAD PACKAGE LIST.  Then sometimes it gets past that, but won't download and install package when I select SNMPD from the list and click DOWNLOAD.
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Installing packages not included in the other sections
Package Download URL for packages not included in the other sections
Click on snmpd_5.9.1-3_mips_24kc.ipk
Click Upload Package
Browse to the package you downloaded

I hope this helps,

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