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Field Deploy-able Antenna Mast

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Field Deploy-able Antenna Mast

I am currently working on a field deployable AREDN end-node / APRS digipeter station. Antennas will be a quarter wave ground plane and a UBI parobolic.

I'm looking for a mast system that can be brought out into the field, and fit into a trunk of a car. I love to DIY, but if there's something under the $200 range, I'm OK buying as well. 

I've seen some plans for chain link top rail stuff, some military surplus stuff, but would love any feedback on something that actually works. 

Thanks all.

Portable Antenna Masts

I wrote an article in QST about using military masts.  They work well.
The article is here. You must log in as an ARRL member to view it.

In also made an accompanying video which illustrates the use of these masts.

I also wrote an updated article for our local club newsletter, which I can't access right now, but will be able to later.
The current best vendor is govertical,com.




Sorry the correct vendor name

Sorry the correct vendor name is

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I use the MFJ 1919EX.  The

I use the MFJ 1919EX.  The only problems I have had with it are the top section is only 3/4 of an inch and can get kind of scary in the wind unless guyed.  The other thing is that it's only around 20ft fully extended.  But the plus sides are that it's all fiberglass with a metal tripod base and it folds up to a little over 50 inches.  I got a light stand bag from a music store to store and carry it in.  You can usually find it at HRO or other online Ham retailers for around $150.00.

73 de N4TNA

I have several Military Masts

I have several Military Masts I am trying to sell. AB577/GRC two are new (had the cardboard boxes) one is used. Send me an email if anyone is interested. my callsign at gmail works well.


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