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FCC Attempting to reassign our 3 & 5GHz spectrum allocations

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FCC Attempting to reassign our 3 & 5GHz spectrum allocations

The FCC is proposing the reallocation of our 3 & 5 GHz spectrum.  I encourage everyone to update the AREDN map with all 3 & 5 GHz AREDN nodes so that we can have an accurate representation of our use of that spectrum.

In the recent past, the ARRL has been very supportive of AREDN and I expect them to go to bat for us.

Andre, K6AH

My 5 GHz node shows up as 2 GHz

This node of mine shows up as a 2 GHz node on the map:

Node Console
Desc: MikroTik RouterBOARD SXTsq 5HPnD
FW ver: 1190-1272c57
Ch: 180
SSID: AREDN_FrontRoyal-10-v3
Tunnel installed: False
MAC: B8:69:F4:D9:F2:DC
Last updated: 2019-11-23 17:50:40.227865

73 - Mike ab4yy

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We need to make use of 3.3

We need to make use of 3.3 GHz as soon as possible. What equipment currently covers this spectrum, and where can we get it from?

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The Supported Platform Matrix

The Supported Platform Matrix answers that question:
However, the Ubiquiti NanoBridge, NanoStation, and Rocket are the only radios that have 3 GHz versions.  And they are somewhat hard to find and expensive.

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Do a search in ebay or amazon

Do a search in ebay or amazon for a "Nanostation M3", e.g.

Be careful to NOT buy a 'M365', this is not compatible with AREDN firmware.  

This NSM3 is a ~45deg sector (forget beam offhand).  There is a ham with a 15 mi link in SoCal using this device for several years mounted under the soffit and out of sight in an HOA area.  At this distance is a solid link, with ~medium thoughput, I'd try to keep the links  <10mi.   

The coveted NanoBridge M3 is also out there, but harder to find now days, it is a Nanostation M3 with a reflector dish.  This will do probably up to ~30mi.   If you can't find one of these, then take the NSM3 and can separately purchase a reflector at (4-pack!):

For the P2P links up to 50+ mi, or you want to guarantee always having SNR and max thoughput, go with the Rocket M3 w/ RocketDish.  You'll drop over $350 for this setup and also a dome can be added to mitigate wind loading, and avoiding birds perching, if they don't cook first :) . 

The issue we have with the Nanostation and Nanobridge devices, is Ubiquiti has not updated these to newer chips with 64MB RAM.  These devices are still 32MB RAM.  (The Rocket M3 is 64MB.)  I have a NSM3 on my roof and I've not had any problems, is stable with nightly builds --I don't install tunnels, or other packages on 32MB devices. 


ND Usage

We have Rocket M3's with RocketDishes set up between our 3 main hubs. Longest link for us is about 5mi through an urban area and it still gets about 125Mbps throughput (iperf test).

Next time we're doing maintenance on our 3GHz nodes I will upload their info to the AREDN map. 

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Side question... Are you

Side question... Are you using auto distance settings? Curious the difference of auto vs best static setting at that distance.


NBM3 Source

I've been able to get the NanoBridge M3 from Flytec, but had to sign a waiver first.  The NBM3's are definitely worth looking for: 22 dBi of gain for $200--but as you noted, the Rocket dish setup has more options for more demanding installations.  I've used the NBM3 over a four mile path to a Rocket sector antenna with SNRs approaching 30 dB.  

I believe the NBM3 differs from the NSM3 in that the NSM3 has dual patch antennas which the NBM3 has a single patch antenna which is probably more suitable as a feedpoint for a dish reflector.  I recall seeing some photos on this forum some time ago.  

I'll bookmark that source for NSM reflectors--I may end up with a surplus of NSMs as I evolve our system and being able to up the gain will be a welcome option.  

Thank you!

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ARRL to act

25-Nov-2019: ARRL plans to comment in opposition to the proposed action.

- Don - AA7AU

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