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Far out and XM vs XW

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Far out and XM vs XW

New to mesh and trying to sort through compatibility for my far- out QTH. Our club is just getting started, but it looks like I will be 5-10 miles from the closest likely (non-tunneled) node. It seems like I should be looking at 5.8 due to the distance.  I’m pretty high and lots of farmlands but trees nearby which may impinge on fresnel. Club members closer together looking at 2.4 so I would have to rely on my closest contact being willing to put up both 5.8 for me and 2.4 for locals. The compatibility chart shows that the Nanostation is good for 5.8 whether it is XM or XW.  Is this correct?  If so, next step will be to find the best antenna match for a 5.8 node, unless 2.4 would seem preferable all around. In any case it seems like I’ll be looking for high gain and directionality out here on the edge. Thanks. PS how close to prime time is Arden for the Powerbeam PBE-M5-300?  At about $80 for a 26 dBm antenna and radio this seems hard to beat as a starting experiment. 


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Note about XW

Nano stations with XW hardware are supported via the night build and not via the web-based firmware update utility.
However, a note about the XW hardware, is that they need to connect both the "main" and "secondary" ethernet cables... where the main will provide the LAN traffic (untagged) and the "Secondary" will provice the WAN and DtD (tagged) traffic.... 

more on this can be found on: (read comment #3 from AE6XE
 Thanks. Reading all this, it

 Thanks. Reading all this, it looks like the XM/XW is deeper into computers than I am willing/able to handle. Again looking at compatibility, would it make more sense to stick with Bullets?

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Personally, I would strongly
Personally, I would strongly suggest staying away from Bullets since they are not MIMO devices.  You want MIMO.

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