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Fair Lawn Memorial Day Parade

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Fair Lawn Memorial Day Parade

The Fair Lawn ARC will again deploy portable mesh nodes and cameras to support town services at the annual Memorial Day Parade. If you are interested in learning more about mesh networks, please visit us at the Fair Lawn Community Center, 10-10 20th St., Fair Lawn, NJ at 6:00 pm or later on Friday, May 15 or Friday, May 22. You can also contact me directly via email to <callsign>

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Which cameras...

Would you mind sharing more information about the cameras you're using on the mesh?

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We will use a couple of Foscams and a Ubiquiti AirCam. 

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Initial report of results

We had a modest success at our parade deployment. The total length covered was just one-half mile in a very densely populated urban area with many trees.

We deployed 4 Ubiquiti AirCams at 3 sites and a Foscam with a mobile node in one of the parade vehicles. The primary RF links were on 2.4 GHz - Channel 3.

There is a LOT of 2.4 GHz WiFi in this area to interfere with our signals. The next time we use this band we will try to use Channel -2.

We also deployed two 900 MHz Nanostations between the farthest points and got reasonable link quality.

The middle station was a Rocket M2 with the AMO-2G13 antenna. There were 2 cameras deployed at this station.  The Rocket and the 2 cameras were powered through a Toughswitch supplied by a single 12V 12AH SLA battery.

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I hope to see the Fair Lawn Memorial Day Parade mesh setup.

Will you be setting up the Fair Lawn Memorial Day AREDN setup at FLARC on Friday, May 26, 2017?  I would like to see that setup and may even be able to join in the experience and help at the parade on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th.

I also have my Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 setup high and looking south for testing.

I am also looking forward to going over the network plan for Northern BC.

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